Name: Viscount/Viscountess
Price: 10.00 USD

This package will grant you the Viscount/Viscountess rank on Towny


  • Access to skip the entire /rankup process
  • Access to purchase THREE lottery tickets (default is 2)
  • Ability to join up to THREE jobs (default is 2)
  • Access to the Novice kit (1 Week cooldown)
  • Access to the Squire kit (1 Week cooldown)
  • Store up to THREE pets (default is 1 pet)
  • Setup FOURTY playershops (default is 8 shops)
  • Set up ONE player warp /pwarp (default is 0 warps)
  • List EIGHT items in /ah (black market) at the same time (default is 3 items)
  • Set up FIVE homes using /sethome (default is 3 homes)
  • Access to /itemfilter - filter picking up useless items
  • Access to /eglow - glow from miles away
  • Access to  - display your current item